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Album art is half of the story when it comes to music. Without album art, a digital music library looks barren. celebrates the second fine art of music: the graphical.

Album Art for the masses. Album art for those with discerning tastes. Album art in large sizes, scanned with accurate equipment and doted on to evoke the powerful imagery envisioned by the artist. Album art that often looks better than the original.

Our own extensive collections and those of friends have been trawled to provide a wide range of covers. Almost all our album art is hand-scanned from originals. If we can get it off the web and it passes our perfectionist eye, it will be added, but we prefer to do our own scanning.

A standard size has been devised that provides the best magnification in iTunes. Square covers are provided at 1000 x 1000 pixels. Landscape covers are 1130 x 1000 pixels. The scans are despeckled and solid colours are replaced with true solid colours. The result is the best quality rendition of original art that our skills, perfectionism and effort can achieve.

This site is no longer a blog. It was difficult to find time to update it and I realised that this site is not a blog but a repository. I still haven't made it database-based. Until I do, use the below links to more quickly get to the appropriate folders.



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